My name is Stefan Stoev and | vonfleisch | is where I do my post-apocalyptic props, costumes, miniatures, music videos and films.

I love playing with trash, fabrics, colors, textures, layers and dirt. Experimenting with shapes, modifying and weaving old concepts with new applications and designs, recycling objects or spaces from one thing to another.

As an artist, the direction I have taken is science fiction, retrofuturism, horror, cyberpunk, alternative history, post-apocalypse, anti-utopia and extraterrestrial worlds. It is dictated by my long-standing interests in commercial and indie exploitation cinema, feature and animated television series, comics, illustration, computer games, music videos, stage concepts of early and modern industrial, pop, hard rock and metal bands, musicals and sci-fi literature

I'm into urban exploration, bunker cruising, hikes, underground music, photography, and animals.