A collection of music and lyric videos.

SickRed - Wretch Man

Wretch Man" it's a song by metalheads SickRed. It features the story of a crew of vigilantes who are on the way to kick the evil Wretch Man's ass. The video is drawn in an 80s cartoon style. Story, animation, colors and editing: Stefan Stoev

Coprostasis - Mamma, I'm Crawling home

"Mamma, I'm Crawling home" is an 80s and 90s-driven music video by Bulgarian death metal trio Coprostasis. It features the band and a couple of its fans gathered to play an old-school 16-bit game inspired by classics like Mortal Kombat 3 and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

Enthrallment - Clone Factory

"Clone Factory" it's a simple lyric video for the brutal death metal band Enthrallment. The video is built around images from the artwork of their double album "Against the will to live" drawn by Denumbra Artworks.

snakeatsnake - black

Lyrics visualisation for my music project called snakeatsnake (snake eats snake) done by printing and scanning each frame of the video.
This project takes advantage of the chromatic aberrations and the glitchy visuals which one can achieve with few black and white prints and a simple home scaner. Frame rate of the video is 8 frames per second. And the total length is about 2 minutes.

Scarletborn - Lethargos

Lyric video for a greek band called Scarletborn done in 2017. The video is a combination of drawing with watercolor on paper as well as assigning digital fonts and video atmospheres of nature. All drawings and video overlays are made by me.

Dementia - Narcissus Withering

Another music video done by mixing digital with practical. Scans, close ups and macro shots of 35mm film, ropes, hands and torn pieces of paper combined with various b-shots done in different parts of Bulgaria.

In Search Of Atlantis - Blank Mind

Glance of Medusa - Spirit of Mercy

Whiches, haunted forests, possession and death. Another fun to work video with a lot of blur, blitz light, textures, slow-motion blood spills and glitchy lyrics.

Till I Drop Dead - 'Deceive me? Good luck with that

Above Us The Waves - The Sirens The Pleasures

Ogi 23 feat. Ruth Koleva - Black Magic Woman