Argiria (2016)

"Argiria" it's a 10 minute long short. The film tells the non-linear story of a man who wants to break away from his fetish. "Argiria" is half-way experimental and has no hidden meaning.

Nicole (2014)

Short photofilm. Includes photograps taken in Prague, Sofia and Dortmunds cemetery. The 3 minute short is inspired by stories revolving around premature burials and tells the half-true half-fictional tale of two sisters, one of which was buried alive due to a doctor's mistake. The film was produced during a seminar with Thomas Tode and narrated in French.

Screened on Thomas Tode's seminar plus on the Polish-German Short film festival "Szczecin Film Festival" in 2015.

Two years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon an old book. It was a paperback and the pages have turned yellow due to aging. Originally I thought it was a novel, but it turned out to be non-fiction. In this book, written down and categorized was a collection of bizarre cases, documented in an extremely cold and emotionless manner. Some of the cases were collected by word of mouth, others were taken from newspaper reports and press releases during the 19th century.

There was also a handwritten dedication on the first page that I found. Perhaps something completely usual, but certainly not for this kind of a book.

Besides the strange dedication and the lack of any illustrations, something that strongly contributed to the ghostly spirits of this collection was the presence of a single image that was placed between the pages. Most likely by accident, or used as a bookmark. Nevertheless, it was an old black and white photo, where one could barely distinguish the face of a young girl. Unfortunately, the image was damaged, and only her mouth area was visible. On the back of the photograph, with a very fine handwritten letters was a passage, which I couldn't make sense of. The only thing I could recognize was a name - Nicole.

In summary, the title of this mysterious book, the documented stories inside, and the mysterious photograph, inspired me to create this film.

The Last Communist Museum (2013)

Experimental short.

Sumpffish (2013)

Neutrino (2012)

Shot film - fake teaser for a short movie challange here in Sofia, Bulgaria. Done for couple of days.

Awesome comic strips done by Yoana Alexandrova. Logo and typography by Gagi Zheliaskov.

Crew: Director/Camera/Editing/Costumes/Music: Stefan Stoev / vonfleisch, Actor/Editing/Sound Design/Subtitles/Comics: Alexander Bizarski, Producer/Dialog/Comics: Yoana Alexandrova, Voice: Vance, Logo: Galen Zhelyazkov