До последен зъб (To the last tooth) (Book)

"To the Last Tooth" ("До последен зъб") is Theo Chepilov's debut novel after a series of short stories, a slew of film and television projects including "Undercover", "House Arrest" and "Bubble Gum", and countless questionable life decisions. The book is a satire of the post-apocalyptic genre, imbued with irony and sustained in the characteristic and natural gonzo style of the author, which we mostly associate with cult urban stories.

Shadows from Scorpio Lake (2017)

Synopsis: A girl gains consciousness in the middle of an obscure desert only to have her ego unwittingly sacrificed before a deceptive deity.

A short film done with rotoscopy. Shot, rotoscoped with tablet, than printed, watercolored with black and scaned again. Around 3,000 shots.

The film is a visualization that expands outside the standard short format films, which revolve around a lesson and a fixed story. It is a mixture of drawings intertwining dreams and rituals. To date, the animation has not been shown at any festival.

Making of shots. Tracing, color tests, and a story board.

Highway Towards Nowhere

Highway towards nowhere was done for couple of days for the "Aarhus Short Movie Challenge" in Denmark. The film was selected among "Best 10 shortfilms".

The story is about the near future and has the classic ambiance for post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies, and one of the main stories told by the narrator voiceover is actually a real story which my grandmother, which past away three years ago, told my about her deathwish.

The Corpse Whisperer

One hundred and one calories

Various short animation (2013)

Late night romance (2014)

"Late night romance" it's a short cubism inspired LGBT animation. It was screeden only once on the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival in the official selection of "Terribly Unappropriate and Uncomfortable Genderfucking Animation" in 2014.


Short 5 minute animation. Story, drawings, animation, sound done by me.